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Why more and more people use the TPMS?

Car at high speed, the tire failure is most worried about all drivers and the most difficult to prevent, but also of the important reasons for the sudden accident. According to the National Rubber Tire Quality Supervision Center expert analysis, to maintain the standard tire air travel and find a flat tire in a timely manner is the key to prevent puncture. Now, the automotive electronics market a real-time inspection and monitoring tire pressure, the temperature safety warning system --- car tires tire pressure monitoring system TPMS.
TPMS tire strangled in the cradle: the majority of motorists do not often tire pressure detection, but with the naked eye or kicking kick the tires to determine tire pressure, tire hazard can not be found in advance.
In order to effectively prevent puncture, monitoring vehicle tire pressure changes necessary in the process of high-speed driving. Tire pressure monitoring system TPMS working principle is: a highly sensitive sensor installed in the car's four tires on cars with state real-time and dynamic monitoring of tire pressure, then the data transmitted via radio signals to the receiver, and reflects the pressure values ​​in digital form on the receiver. For any reason (such as nails plunge into the tires, etc.) due to a flat tire, the system can automatically alarm, allowing the driver to detect the problem, the effective prevention of accidents occur. TPMS is installed, can also extend the life of the tire, to reduce fuel consumption in a certain extent.
Abstract: TPMS resolved in fear of the future.
Security is the most concern in the driving process, traffic safety electronic systems in the automotive sector more and more widely used, ABS, EBD, EPS, the the TPMS a new generation of traffic safety electronic systems was from car developed countries into the Chinese auto market;
Hidden in the tires of the car safety risks that exist accounted for a large proportion. According to statistics and expert analysis, a traffic accident on a highway in China, 70% is due to a puncture caused by the three curse caused by a flat tire: 1, a flat tire; tire pressure; 3, tire tread temperature exceeds 95 degrees.
Two, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Future Prospects
After following the ABS Airbag third largest automotive safety systems
The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) "pre-active" car safety protection system, provide early warning to avoid major traffic accident in the the tire danger signs before. November 1, 2000, the U.S. Congress established the legal requirements of the U.S. new car factory in November 2003 after another TPMS as standard. While the EU has also made similar provisions, so people the TPMS, WTPMS is known as ABS, airbags Following the third largest security systems.
, TPMS role
The car's existing security measures, such as ABS, EBD, EPS, airbags, after the passive type of security, that the accident has occurred only play a security role for protection of persons and vehicles, tire pressure monitoring system is a "prior active "type of security that the tire signs timely warning measures, the accident nipped in the bud, to ensure that the vehicle was always in a safe state.
TPMS tire pressure monitoring system can monitor tire pressure in a timely manner, just to solve the car at high speed tire failure hazards, especially high speed Gospel. Cars equipped with TPMS the need is first reflected in it can effectively prevent puncture accident.
Install TPMS, the driver always know the tire pressure position, making the car traveling in the long-term state of normal pressure on the car engine and chassis especially outstanding contributions to the suspension system maintenance and repair work, as if the car in the tire pressure is too high status driving under, over time will cause great harm to the engine chassis and suspension system. The tire pressure is the life of the tires, the correct inflation pressure is the best guarantee of the variety of conditions, give full play to tire performance, while ensuring the safety and comfort of driving and avoid normal wear and tear.
1, TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Product features
WTPMS the various functions and TPMS
● timely monitoring
Description: in the process of moving or stationary state can monitor tire pressure and temperature conditions, the drive to keep abreast of the tire situation.
● High / low pressure alarm function
Description: When the tire pressure is above or below the set value, the system sends the high / low pressure alarm.
● leak alarm function
Note: If the foreign body piercing tire air leaks, the system sends a leak alarm.
● High temperature alarm function
Description: when the tire temperature exceeds 800C, the system sends a high temperature alarm.
● ultra-low power function
Description: the extremely optimized operating mode, the system battery life up to 5-10 years.
The scope of application of the tire pressure monitoring system
Apply to public transport, tourist buses, long-distance passenger vehicles, trucks, special construction vehicles.
Cold tire pressure does not exceed 12Bar (Note: the car in the stationary state of the tire pressure value).
The standard configuration can receive 24 tire pressure, be extended to up to receive 32 tire air pressure.