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Main effect of tire pressure monitoring system

Tire pressure monitoring, for most people believe that the system is still a novelty, but in what we driving the car equipment models of the system, but according to its function, it is more important among the security configuration, just don't have for a long time paid great attention by people. Imagine that no matter how good your engine and chassis performance, it will ultimately through the tire contact with the ground to show, not the correct tire pressure can't fully play often leads to vehicle performance. Data show that the traffic accident caused by puncture in malignant accident proportion is very high, and all the factors which cause blowout tire pressure is the primary reason.

When the tire pressure is too high, can reduce the tire and ground contact area, while the tire relatively increase the pressure, tire grip would be affected. In addition, when the vehicle after trench or bumpy road, because there is not enough space inside the tire to absorb vibration, in addition to affect driving stability and comfort, also can cause the impact on the suspension system was intensified, which may cause harm. So the right tyres inside air pressure, not only helps us driving comfort, but a maximum guarantee of safe driving.

Main effect of tire pressure monitoring system

1, prevent accidents

Tire pressure monitoring system is a kind of active safety equipment, it can alarm in time for the tyres appear dangerous signs, remind the driver to take corresponding measures, so as to avoid the serious accident.

2, prolong the service life of tires

A tire pressure monitoring system, we can always keep your tires are work within the prescribed scope of pressure, temperature, thus reducing the tire damage, prolong the service life of tires. Have information displayed in the tire pressure is insufficient, when the wheel pressure than normal fell by 10%, tire life is reduced by 15%.

3, make driving more economic

When the air pressure inside the tires is too low, can increase the surface contact between the tire and ground, so as to increase the frictional resistance, when the tire air pressure is lower than the standard value 30%, oil consumption would rise by 10%.

4, can reduce the wear and tear of suspension system

Within the tire pressure, the foot, will lead to the tyre itself damping effect is reduced, thus increasing the burden of vehicle suspension system, the long-term use of the engine chassis and suspension system will cause a lot of damage; If uneven tire pressure, but also easy to cause the brake running deviation, thus increasing the wear and tear of the suspension system.